About Us

Welcome to Art Hub Siouxland. Thanks for stopping by.

If you don’t know about us, here’s a quick look at Art Hub Siouxland:

Event Lists

Each month, under “What’s What’s Happening This Month,” you can find an extensive event list for that calendar month. It’s extensive but not complete, because things keep popping up on our radar.

Every Thursday–give or take–we’ll post an event list to our Facebook page. These lists are more frequent and therefore usually more current than the monthly list. When we can, we tag Facebook events and organizations so you can find more information.

These lists cover all of Siouxland, which for us extends from Wayne and Wakefield (Nebraska) up through Sioux City, out east toward Kingsley, and up north to cover Orange City and Sioux Center (Iowa) and over to Vermillion and Yankton (South Dakota).

If you ever see an event that’s not listed, email us at arthubsiouxland@yahoo.com.


We write reviews of local art events. Symphony concerts, plays, visual arts exhibitions, anything that we think fits. Check out the Reviews tab to browse through our archive.

The Podcast

We recently started our podcast, Take Whatever Beauty You Can Find, to have serious conversations with our serious Siouxland artists. This is a new project for us, but it’s going well, and we may have to amend our every-other-week schedule for an every-week one because we’ve found that lots of artists are willing to talk with us.